Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Designer Bible - Part 83. - Rick Owens

Let me tell you, If the Mad Hatter was an actual person, it would be Rick Owens!

Rick Owens

Model wears human backpack at Rick Owens's 2015 show

We have all heard of him in some shape or form, but most of us know him from his collaboration with Adidas. Owens does not want to disappear in the crowd, you can see him doing many crazy and outrageous things to secure his spot in the fashion world, from having models wear human backpacks on the runway to making men's clothing that showcases their most valuable possession!

Rick Owens SS 2016

Owens was born in 1962, and completed his studies at Otis College of Art and Design in LA, and launched his label in 1994, and has been turning heads ever since. His aesthetic is very minimal with sometimes deconstructed garments, but his runways are showstoppers for sure with the penises extras that come with them.

Rick Owens FW 2015 details
Penis alert at Rick Owens FW 2015
Rick Owens for Adidas

Would you wear your friend as a backpack? JK. (We know you would.)

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