Sunday, December 20, 2015

The designer Bible - Part 28. - Emilio Pucci

Was an italian fashion designer and politician. He served as torpedo bomber pilot during World War II. He designed the first clothes for the Reed College skiing team. His designs came to wider attention in 1947, when he was on leave in Switzerland. A skiwear that he had designed for a female friend was photographed by a photographer working for Harper's Bazaar

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 Frissell's editor asked Pucci to design skiwear for a story on European Winter Fashion, which ran in the winter 1948 issue of the Bazaar. He also suggested for NASA the three bird motif for the design of the Apollo 15 mission clothes, although the crew replaced the blues and greens with a more patriotic red, white, and blue. After his death her daughter took over the business and continued designing.

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