Monday, November 30, 2015

The designer Bible - Part 9. - Betsey Johnson

In the 70s America everything was getting simplified, but she ended this. The american fashion designer works with sequin and vynil. 

Spring 2016 Source

SS/2014 Source
She represents the unusual nonconformity. She mixes hippi, rock’n’roll and etno styles. In 1972 she won the Coty Award. She founded her label in 1978 and opened her first shop in the notorius Soho. In 1995 she presented her first parfume.

SS/2014 Source

Spring 2015 Source
At the end of her fashion shows she is always doing a cartwheel. She celebrated her brand’s 40th anniversary with a huge show with Cindy Lauper performing on it.

SS/2015 Source

Spring 2013 Source

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