Monday, November 30, 2015

The designer Bible - Part 12. - Calvin Klein

Calvin Richard Klein was born in the Bronx in 11.19.1942 as a child of Hungarian-Jewish immigrants. He started his studies at the Industrial Art Middle School, and continued at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, where he finished in 1962, without graduating. He was designing and working for boutiques for 5 years, then he could start the Calvin Klein brand with the 10,000$ he got from his friend, as help to launch his business. Because of a lucky accident of Bonwit Teller's manager's elevator getting stuck on Calvin Klein's floor, they gained hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments, and in 4 years they made over 4 million dollars in revenue. This year created the company that later changed its name to Calvin Klein Inc.

Calvin Klein Source

In the beginning of his career, they were mostly designing coats and dresses.
Calvin Klein Autum/Winter 2013. 
Calvin Klein Spring/ Summer 2015. 
Calvin Klein became the mentor of Baron de Gunzburg. Thanks to his talent, he became a favorite of the New York elite, before his breakthrough with his denim series. After Baron's sudden death, Calvin said in an interview that his student was his biggest inspiration.
Justin Bieber and Lara Stone for Calvin Klein Spring 2015 Ad Campaign
We also have to mention Calvin Klein's perfume empire, it has been successful for over 30 years. His first, today iconic fragrance was Obsession. Since then, many different variations of it have seen the light of day, like Obsession Night or Secret Obsession. Both women's and men's fragrances are very erotic. The next very successful smell was Eternity. After many of his successful perfumes aiming for the younger customers, he came up with a new, sophisticated fragrance for women over 30, Beauty.
 Calvin Klein Obsession for men 
Calvin Klein Beauty

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