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The designer Bible - Part 14. - Christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in Granville, France in 1905. He was the second out of four children. For him to stand a chance in the world, his parents decided that they will raise him to be a diplomat, so the boy started school at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques. 

In 1928 (before graduating), Christian left school to follow his dreams. He got some financial support from his father, which he used to start a smaller art gallery - he showed the paintings of the kind of Picasso and Dali. The gallery only functioned for a few years, because in 1930 the world economy crisis ruined the businesses of the family. After going bankrupt, he realized what he really wanted, closed the gallery and started sketching hats. In 1938, he was working at the Swiss Robert Piguet fashion house as a designer. In WW2 they called him in to serve, but in 1942 he returned, and joined the Lucien Lelong fashion house on the side of Pierre Balmain.

In 1945, with the help of Pierre Allemandi, he established his own fashion house, and in only 2 years, his creations were so revolutionary, that he reserved a space for himself on the pages of fashion history.

Christian Dior Source

The secret to his success was the so called "New Look Style", which pput him among the biggest designers. The main characteristics were the slim tailoring, the form fitted top portion, and the flowing skirts. Dior called his collextion „Ligne Corolle“.

New Look Style
Listening to the advice of his childhood friend, at the time his first collection came out, he also established a perfume company, he named his first fragrance Miss Dior. From 1948, he was present in the American fashion market as well. He found marketing very important, and was rapidly growing in the countries of the Western world. In 1950, he was the designer of the stars, and in 1957, his fashion house gave half of the French haute Couture production, he also appeared on the cover of Time Magazine this year. In 1957, after his death, his company was in over 15 countries, giving jobs to over 2000 people.

Dior 1962

After Dior's death,  Yves Saint-Laurent took over the house as a creative director. In 1961, he left the company. In 1984, perfume production gor into the hands of Louis Vuitton-Moët Henessy, the fashion department stayed in the hands of  Dior. Between 1989 and 1996 the creative director was  Gianfranco Ferré , then in 1997 he was followed by the avantguarde British John Galliano, and the men's fashion was overlooked by Heidi Slimane between  2001 and 2007. Groupe Arnault owns 70% of the brand. Dior's CEO today is Sidney Toledano. In 1996, Dior owned 16 stores worldwide, in 2000, 92, in 2007, more than 160. In 2000, they made 296 million Euros, in the first part of 2006, 329 million euros.

Christian Dior collection 2007 by John Galliano

Dior Cruise Presentation 2015 
Dior 2015

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