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The designer Bible - Part 15. - Christian Lacroix

Lacroix was born in France, 05.16.1951. After graduating in high school in 1969, he studied at the Montepellier University, the Sorbonne and the  Ecole du Louvre, because originally he wanted to become a museum curator. In these years, he met his later wife,  Françoise, and Jean-Jacques Picart, who got him a job at Hermes in 1978. In 1981, he started working for Jean Patou. With his friend's help, they came up with better and better ideas each season. the brilliant colors, the luxury and the drive to perfection made them more and more famous. 

The bullfighting he saw as a child made him use the sparkling colors, and made him an outstanding designer, which resulted in him getting a major award in 1987.

Cristhian Lacroix

In the same year he established his own fashion house, presenting bags, shoes, sunglasses, ties and scarves. he also opened boutiques in many major cities, such as Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Tolouse, London, Genf and in Japan as well.

In 1994 he launched his Bazar line. It was whimsical, and reminded of the fashion of the past. In 1995 he started his home collection, and in 1996 he came out with a denim line. 

Christian Lacroix design ideas

He had launched perfumes, jewelry, children's, lingerie, wedding and porcelain collections as well.
Salon du Mariage 2009/2010

Christian Lacroix porcelain set 2015 

Interior 2015 
In October, 2002 the main owner was the LVMH group, and the differences between the designer and them came out, and had a huge impact on the brand's creations. The designer got exhausted and wanted to leave the fashion world, but he was offered a job  at Pucci, where he was the creative director for 3 years. As a result of the changes during this period, the Falic Group became Lacroix's new partner, and he got back to his own little empire, very grateful for the new partner for the improvement. After this, he could concentrate on things like opening new stores in Las Vegas, New York or Paris.
Nicolas Coulomb Printemps-éte 2015 

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