Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The designer Bible - Part 91.- Tom Ford

He is an american fashion designer and film director. He studied art history at New York University. He became famous as the art director of Gucci and YSL. In 20016 he came out with his own label, Tom Ford. One of his movies, A single man with Julianne Moore was nominated for Oscar.


He dressed many celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman. 
Ford is using naked women in various ad campaigns, he has been criticized for it a lot. In one of his ads featuring a nude woman holding a bottle of the perfume between her legs. 
He likes shocking people: he made a penis shape necklace, Christians calling it very offensive, as they think, it is very similar to the christian cross.
Penis shape necklace Source

SS 2015 Source

SS 2016 Source
FW 2012 Source

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FW 2013 Source

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