Monday, March 7, 2016

The designer Bible - Part 90.- Thierry Mugler

He is a french fashion designer. He focused more on drawing than learning, and at age 9 began to study classical dance. By 14 he joined the ballet class of the Rhin Opera.



Independent Source
At the same time he studied interior design. At age 24 he moved to Paris and began designing for a boutique, called Gudule. In 1973 he debuted his first collection, Café de Paris. His style is sophisticated and urban. He created the famous black dress worn by Demi Moore in the movie, Indecent Proposa.

Winter 1995 Source
He is interested not only in fashion but directing, photography and design.
In 2002 he collaborated with Cirque du Soleil. He came out with his first fragrance in 1992, called Angel.

FW 1995 Source

SS 1992 Source

Backstage at Circque de Soleil Source

FW 2011 Source

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